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Sauna Application

When people first see our illuminated Natural Salt Cube, they are amazed by it‘s warm and radiant color tones.  Because of it‘s sheer size, it will not only be a dazzling eye-catcher for your guests, it will also help to promote their better well-being.

A wonderful touch of warmth to the environment, but also a healthy atmosphere too.  Himalaya Salt is a natural ionizer.  When heated by a light source, wellness-inducing negative electric charges are released, binding and neutralizing airborne contaminants to help purify the air.   It creates a micro climate that supplies a steady stream of negative ions to the surrounding environment.

All natural Salt Lamps are not equal.  Ionic generation depends on such things as surface area and heat.  A smooth area has the least surface area.  A rough surface has the more surface area than a smooth surface.  A rough surface can have many more times the surface area and thus, shall emit many more ions.

A “polished“ salt lamp gives off fewer ions than a hand chipped salt lamp with a rough surface area.  The larger the mass of salt the more ions that can be emitted.  So a 5 kilogram salt lamp will have more surface area than a 1 kilogram salt lamp with the same shape. A larger salt lamp gives off more ions.  A salt lamp made of salt chips has more surface area per kilogram than a solid salt lamp.  So 5 kilograms of salt chips have many more times the surface area of a solid salt lamp.

Himalaya Salt Tiles and Bricks

The best salt lamp for ionization is one made of rough salt bricks.  This is why the Natural Salt Cube was created.  People can either sit on top of the cube or lean up against it.  Himalaya Salt can help reduce and balance the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.  Excessive amounts of positive ions in the air we breathe can affect our overall wellness

Salt Cube Collage

The Natural Salt Cube measures 60 x 60 x 50 cm with either smooth or rough surface cover plate. Each Cube is mounted on wheels for easy mobility and maneuverability.  Each cube is handmade with either an Aluminum frame (smooth cover plate) or Wooden frame (rough cover plate).  The Himalaya Salt Cubes, bricks and tiles are ideal for Health & Wellness Centers, Saunas & Spas, Commercial and Residential.  Relax and meditate around the cube for better well-being.

For further information, please feel free to call toll free 866.382.4907 x103 to speak with a customer service representative.

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